It is our job to design products that reduce the risk of transmission of infectious disease in commercial environmental communities. Minimize the chance of infectious disease gaining a foothold in your facility or office with the latest in biosecurity, Bio-Safe.


Complete Disinfection

Bio-Safe eradicates countless types of bacterial and viral infections.

When it comes to protecting your commercial environment from pathogenic infection, you don’t want to settle; only the most powerful cleaning systems will do. However, finding an efficient cleaning system that isn’t harmful to your environment and the people in it can be difficult, most truly effective environmental hygiene systems can be hazardous. That’s where Bio-Safe comes in.


Safe to Use

Specially designed to leave animals, plants, and people unharmed.

Our product is the gold standard in infectious disease control. Built using synergies intended to create military-strength disinfecting products, our safe formula penetrates hard-to-reach areas and tracks down microbial dangers wherever they may be.


Environmentally Friendly

Our biological fogging technology is created with environmental safety in mind.

Biosafe may be extremely dangerous to the viruses, fungi, and bacteria that threaten your workspace, but it’s safe for people, animals, and plants. It’s non-corrosive, biodegradable, and leaves no chemical residual. For the ultimate in safe, environmentally friendly pathogenic control, there is no better option. For decontamination services, contact us today! Our high-end disinfectant fogging product kills germs within ten minutes, and is approved by the FDA and USDA. Based out of Omaha, NE, we offer our services all around Nebraska and beyond. Our services are also available in the Seattle area. Contact us at (800) 494-9604 to learn more.

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